Why tour guide systems? Many of us have experienced frustration trying to hear and understand our tour guides from afar. Tour groups often have a hard time hearing their guide. And tour guides, communicating with their groups, often have no alternative but to raise their voices to be heard.

Introducing a better way to provide tours for your groups, our Anders tour guide system is an easy-to-use wireless communication system designed specifically for guides and groups.


The Anders tour guide system helps tour group members with hearing difficulties overcome background noise and distance from the guide–even in noisy surroundings. Use it in tourist attractions, factories, training schools, museums, power plants, zoos, theme parks, bus tours, or walking tours — anywhere hearing assistance is required for tour-type presentations. Our Tour Guide System saves the tour guide’s voice, listeners don’t miss the message, and the presentation doesn’t disturb others. Your tour guide wears a compact transmitter and lapel microphone. Listeners use receivers and lightweight earphones to hear every word clearly and easily, even in the back of the group.


Since hearing is a critical part of your visitor’s experience, each system is designed to reduce noise and improve hearing, enabling you to:


Move Freely. Helping People Hear More.

This wireless tour guide system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and allows visitors to move freely during their entire visit.


Eliminate Frustration. Rid Noise.

The wireless transmitter will broadcast your trainer, interpreter or tour guide’s voice to everyone in their group at a comfortable conversation speech level. Guides speak to their group as if the group was an arms length away – communicating over distances of 100 metres open field.

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